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The Prairie regional centre for climate
modelling and paleoclimate data to
support climate change adaptation

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PARC has been providing practical and regionally relevant climate data, information, and knowledge for over 21 years as Canada’s first regional climate service. Our Team has been projecting future climate scenarios over the Prairies using Regional Climate Models and reconstructing the climate from the collection of paleoclimate data to meet Prairie-based user needs for climate data.

The goal of this site is to engage individuals, communities and organizations in exploring climate change through interactive, plain-language case studies and feature projects using the data collected, produced and used by PARC.

To learn more about our mission, history and background, please visit PARC.

PARC is one of three founding members of ClimateWest, alongside the Prairie Climate Centre and the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Tools for Climate Change Adaptation,
Risk Management and Decision Making

Case Studies

Applications of how we apply climate modeling scenarios and use tree-ring data to provide communities and organizations better understand and prepare for climate change

User Services

Introducing the Visual Climate Risk Indicator of the Prairies and the Regional Climate Model Index - gateways to regionally relevant data and tools for assessment and analysis


Contact us to inquire about our unique 1,000-year paleo-climate record, high-resolution Regional Climate Model projections, or if you are interested in the data we are producing

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2022 Peer reviewed articles

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  • Basu, S. and Sauchyn. Future changes in the surface water balance over western Canada using the CanESM5 (CMIP6) ensemble for the shared socioeconomic pathways 5 scenario. Water 2022, 14(5), 691;
  • Zare, M., S. Azam, and Sauchyn. Evaluation of soil water content using SWAT for southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Water 2022, 14(2), 249;
  • Anis, M.R. and Sauchyn. Ensemble climate and streamflow projections for the Assiniboine River Basin, Canada. Sustainability 2022, 14(11), 6487;
  • Gurrapu, S., Sauchyn and K. Hodder. Assessment of the hydrological drought risk in Calgary, Canada using weekly river flows of the past millennium. Journal of Water and Climate Change 2022, 13(4), 1920-1935;