Data Applications Gateway Launched

In response to user needs, PARC implements second website to highlight applications of unique paleoclimate records and high-resolution regional climate modeling in the Prairie provinces

A focus on data

This is not a PARC 2.0 or a rebranded / redefined version of the original climate change research centre of the Prairies. This is a gateway to better explain the what, where, why and how of our data:

  1. the kinds of data we are producing and working with;
  2. where we are applying these data;
  3. how we are utilizing these data; and
  4. why we are doing this.

The who has always been the Canadian climate user community, which includes both public and private partners interested in identifying and / or evaluating risks associated with climate change.

Building new resources

The new site also provides us an opportunity to expand the services we can offer. In the coming months we will begin building the Climate Risk Indicator Atlas of the Prairies, which will provide an interactive gateway to regionally relevant data and tools for physical risk assessment. This resource is intended to provide sector specific indicators of climate risk to help guide evaluations of risk in the face of uncertainty.

Many changes and updates will take place to the site on an ongoing bases, including new case studies to be featured and interactive features of our data. Stay tuned for these! is still here

The broader vision and mission of PARC – to provide scientific research that delivers practical and regionally relevant climate data, information and knowledge in support of adaptation to climate variability and change – can be found expanded upon at There you will also find more general information about our 21-year history, rich archive of past projects and resources, and our Tree-ring Lab.