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The Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC) invites applications for the
position of Postdoctoral Fellow. The successful candidate will work on
interdisciplinary research projects with the objective of evaluating physical
climate risks to the agriculture and energy sectors in western Canada. This
research is based on our understanding of regional climate variability and
change over the past 1000 years and into the future. It requires the
statistical processing and analysis of large data sets derived from
paleoclimate proxies (tree rings) and numerical climate models. Our climate
reconstructions and projections are combined with information on the social and
economic consequences of climate variability and change.

Qualifications:  A recent PhD in a discipline related to fundamental or applied climate change research


  • Advanced skills in scientific research in the analysis of climate data derived from models, monitoring networks, or paleoclimate archives (e.g., tree rings)
  • Programming in R, Matlab, NCL and/or Phython
  • Good writing and oral skills in English
  • Knowledge of practical applications (e.g., climate risk assessment) is an asset
  • Able to work independently but also as a member of team
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